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Why you should wash your lashes everyday

Why is it important to keep your lash extensions clean ?

Keeping lash extensions clean is essential for several reasons:

  • Eye hygiene: Regularly cleaning your lashes help remove dirt, oil and debris that can accumulate around the eye area.
  • Prolongs the life of extensions: Proper cleaning helps extend the lifespan of your lashes, allowing you to enjoy them for a more extended period. It also prevents mascara residue buildup for those who can not resist applying mascara while having lash extensions. Mascara can often leave residue buildup and leaves the lashes looking clump together and lose their natural look. Using lash shampoo will make sure mascara residue does not build up.
  • Avoids bacterial growth: The eye area can be a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if not cleaned regularly. Bacteria can lead to eye infections, irritation, and other eye-related issues.

    Helps maintain eye health while also ensuring your lashes feel comfortable.

What should you use to wash your lashes?

To wash your lash extensions, it is best to use a gentle, oil-free, and lash extension safe shampoo.
Here at M&K Aesthetics we have lash shampoo available to purchase for only £15 including brush!
Look for a specialized lash extension cleanser or a lash shampoo that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or oils.
Always follow the instructions provided by your lash technician for the best results.
Lashes should be washed every day at the end of the day with the brush and shampoo, with a motion similar to brushing your teeth!

Lash shampoo is undoubtedly an essential tool in the care and maintenance of lash extensions. By using a gentle, oil-free formula designed specifically for lash extensions, you can effectively clean and maintain your lashes, promoting overall eye health and prolonging the lifespan of your lash extensions. Embracing this simple but effective part of your beauty routine will undoubtedly help you enjoy your full potential of your stunning lash extensions leaving you with fluttery and beautiful lashes every day.

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